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2016-01-05: Donation run 2016

Happy New Year everyone! We hope you had a great start into 2016!

The last donation run took place in 2012 — that's almost 4 years already! Therefore we'd like to start another round today.

As always:'s services are free to use, and donators won't get anything in return except a warm »Thanks«. Donations are being used for paying the dedicated server rent.

Donators can choose if they want to be mentioned in this post, which is being updated when donations are received. When donating, please drop us a line if you want your name to be published (also tell us what name).

Thank you!

Want bank wire instead?
IBAN: DE38 4285 0035 0100 2243 44
Name: Stefan Schindler
Bank: Sparkasse Bocholt

Donators (in order of appearance)

2015-12-01: New SSL certificate

Today we installed a new SSL certificate, issued by COMODO. It expires 2018.

SHA-256 Fingerprint: 1C 2D DB 01 D9 B3 46 B1 A8 E6 E8 EC DA 67 7A 57 88 BC 67 B5 D1 0E DA A1 0B 71 4D 33 03 D4 47 D6

SHA-1 Fingerprint: 3D E7 54 8A 85 F5 4F 8C F5 53 0C 9F FB 2E BD 1B E0 A5 B1 59

2013-01-22: SSL certificate updated

The SSL certificate has been renewed today.

SHA-256 fingerprint E0 1C A3 2F F8 20 28 39 FE 6B 81 20 08 6F 8A 86 92 92 74 66 70 BF 15 60 07 EC 41 78 FA E6 50 09

SHA-1 fingerprint: 2A E6 9A 51 24 0B 37 4A 6D 60 72 F2 F7 A6 B7 9E AC F0 B5 88

Expiry: 22.01.14

You may want to use our root CA certificate to automatically trust's certificates. See the bottom of this page to get it.

2012-07-26: Donation run 2012/2013

UPDATED 2012-09-21

1 year has passed, and as every year we're doing a small donation run.

Whoever wants to donate a small amount of money to run this server and its services is free to do so. Just use the following donate button.

The donations will only be used to pay the fees of the hosting and domain providers. If we will receive more money than required for the upcoming year, we will save it for the next year.

Donations so far: 65,- €

Donators (in order of appearance):

Thank you!

2012-07-08: Website using Django now

We are proud to announce that we are no longer using plain and static HTML files for this website. Instead we are using Django now.

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XMPP (Jabber)

Note: The Jabber server doesn't allow in-band registrations due to heavy spambot problems in the past. If you want to get an account, contact the administrators please.

IRC Port6667
SSL Port6697

The UnrealIRCd is used for the IRC network. Furthermore the network uses the Anope IRC Services. If possible, please only use the SSL port.

SSL Root Certificate

For most services that support SSL, has its own Root Certificate. Download it below and import it into your application as trusted CA.

File SHA-1 Fingerprint Size
Root Certificate 95:CD:98:D6:03:FA:EB:CA:F1:E8:78:44:12:11:14:DC:EA:AB:27:90 2313 Bytes
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